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Mount a network share to a folder on a Linux Server using cli.

I've tested this on both Ubuntu or CentOS Operating Systems and the setup is basically the same.

First, install the required applications.

sudo apt-get install samba-client samba-common cifs-utils
sudo yum install samba-client samba-common cifs-utils

It helps if some files are residing on the network share to verify this worked (even if it is just a simple test file).

On the Linux Server Navigate and make a folder. For example, call it data.

cd /usr
mkdir data

Next, create another folder and password file as root to protect who sees it:

Let's make a folder as root called info, then cd into info:
cd /usr
mkdir info
cd info

Let's make a hidden file called .smb while in the info folder.

Using . in front of smb file makes the file hidden-if needed use the command ls -a to view hidden files.

Using text editor nano make the file as seen below, adding username and password in the following format.

nano .smb

domain=If Needed

To save and exit in Nano, from your keyboard press control+o to write the file, then control+x to exit.

Next, edit the fstab file

nano /etc/fstab

Place the following at the bottom of this file and adjust accordingly. Then save and exit.

//server IP/path/to/share /usr/data cifs credentials=/usr/info/.smb 0 0

Test by running the command mount -a to verify the share mounted. Then reboot the server.

If everything worked correctly, navigate to the /usr/data folder on Linux Server, and verify your network share is still mounted.

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